Thursday, January 5, 2012

What not to wear

During an afterschool/afterwork, please, lets make this quick, errand running excursion, I stopped at a local coffee spot to ease the pain with a well made latte for myself and something sweet to appease the girls. 
The walls of the coffee place are covered with artwork, small Turkish rugs and postcards from all over the world.  It is part of what gives this spot a unique flavor – there is always something –or someone- interesting to look at.  It actually keeps the girls relatively occupied while I drink a coffee and space out for five minutes.  Some afternoons, five minutes is all I need.  Or all I can get.
As I am sugaring my drink, Sophie is near me looking at the wall of postcards and I watch her eyes fall on one of a woman.  She is on the beach.  She is holding her long, curly blond hair up on top of her head, and she is winking at the camera over her shoulder.  She is also wearing nothing but a smile and a bright, hot pink eighties style thong.

“Mom!” Sophie exclaims, eyes popping .  “Mom!  Check out the HUGE WEDGIE ON THIS GIRL!  Oh my gosh!  MOM!!!!  LOOKIT HER HUGE WEDGIE!!”

“Sophie, I see.  Wow.  That is something.”

“Seriously Momma, how in the world does she walk around with a wedgie like that?  That cannot be comfortable.  I would not want to wear anything like that!”
She continues -

“Ouch!!  That is THE BIGGEST WEDGIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!  Why would she ever walk around like that, in public, on the beach, let alone have her picture taken?!!”

“I don’t know Soph.  I wouldn’t do it either.”

“I promise I never will either Momma.”

And then she kissed me in agreement.

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