Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sick Day - Lazenby Style

I kept my girls home from school today - they aren't barfy, moaning, can't move sick - but they are snotty and congested. From the looks of it, most kids at school are close to it or already there, and I don't need to share this cold with the public. So a day at home, taking it easy in in order for ALL of us. I have been fighting the mid-winter sickness as well. I wish Cliff were home too - he could use it.

Convincing Sophie to stay home from school is a challenge. She is an usual kid, who LOVES school and combined with her desire to never miss anything, it makes staying home from school a tough sell. She cries and insists that she is fine and cries some more and lists everything that she will miss that day at school, "But I'm going to miss my math test and notetaking for our Colonial project!" Helping her to understand that she is sick and needs to stay home is the mental equivalent to wrangling and rope tying a baby calf.

But once she settles in, she always comes to me with hugs and  kisses, whispering those magic words that every woman loves to hear..

"You were right."

I like to make it fun and cozy with lots to draw and Italian Ices to eat and pillows to lounge on, and just surrender to the pace of the day.

We made some smoothies 

and a little TV face while eating lunch in the living room

plus love notes!!!!

Happy Sick Day  (We will all be ready to go back to normal tomorrow)


  1. Where the hell is my smoothie delivery? I'm currently freezing the cooties off your soup. You'll thank me later.

  2. I am so not eating your batch of Cootie Noodle soup!

  3. Unlike Katie, Devin is prone to sudden sore throats at 7:30 a.m.....Me: "Devin, whaddya want for breakfast?" Devin: "Ummmm.....Dad, I'm not feelin' so good...I've gotta sore throat....maybe I should stay home from school today"......Me (channeling my own mother) "Oh, just have some breakfast and you'll be fine when you get to school" Next time, I'll stay home and make smoothies, too!

  4. Eric, you are one man who could use a sick day with smoothies on the couch. Tape the Celtics game the night before and cozy up the next day with Devin! Do it!