Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Sound of Muppets

A few weeks back Cliff and I took the girls to see TheMuppets. For our family, going to the movies is a treat. We may be in the minority about this, but we have only brought the girls to see two movies in a theatre. Not to get all Andy Rooney and complainey, but it kills me how much it costs and I hate the unknown of some jerk talking or kicking my chair during the expensive movie. Ideally, I want my movie going experience to transport me. I want to be entertained and I don’t want to smell someone else’s’ Chinese food.

The other reason we don’t go to many movies, is because it’s slim pickings out there for kid movies– you have either Alvin and the Chipmunks - and I can barely choke that crap down at home when I have stuff to do around the house and I need to pacify the girls for ninety minutes. Or movies are too much – too violent, too 3-D, too pink and girly, too much everything. I see no rush in introducing movies that I may think are cool but are really above their understanding. We have enough time to watch Ghostbusters or Meatballs.  

Luckily, the movie gods smiled upon us that day. We smuggled in our own popcorn and leftover Halloween candy and we got to the theatre in plenty of time to snag fantastic, bouncing stadium seats. Nobody talked during the previews. Some kid didn't kick my seat. The girls didn't have bathroom emergencies in the middle of the movie. We were seeing something we could all be genuinely excited for - The Muppets.
It will be a crime if the writers and director don't win an Oscar for Best Picture and Screenplay. The Muppets was hilarious, but also done with a smart wink to the audience. It was nostalgic and touching - plus they sing The Rainbow Connection. (It is impossible to listen to that song and not get all teared up) Watching the movie I realized that Miss Piggy is a fantastic role model for every girl out there. She takes no crap, she eats without apology and she finally gives Kermit the business in this movie. She demands to be loved and respected on her terms. I love her for it – and for the example she was for my girls.
Maybe that is part of the enduring appeal of The Muppets. We can see ourselves in each of the characters. Whether it’s Gonzo’s search to find himself or Fozzie Bear and his jokes and his tenacity to keep on trying or Kermit, who walks that line between being sensitive and a tough wrangler to this cast of characters. Or maybe we just want to be like Janice and Floyd in the band – super cool and gifted and musical.
I think we all have a little bit of Animal inside each one of us.

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