Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Everyday Jodi!

This is my amazing friend Jodi displaying the most delicious chocolate Bundt cake.  I have been friends with Jodi since college - which was only five years a go – hardee-har-harr.   My Jodi has the unique ability to see most people in a positive angle – she is not judgmental (I can learn a lesson or two on that one) nor is she an unrealistic  Pollyanna.    Even though we don’t live a subway ride away like we used to, we try and see each other a few times a year.  This past weekend was one of those weekends that keep me going, and I ate that Bundt cake that she baked with love for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can see she is laughing – we were doing a ‘photo-shoot’ with her and the cake.  Her laugh is magic - it is this tinkling, guffaw of pleasure bursting from her – I live to make her laugh just to hear that sound.  I need to make her laugh my ring-tone on my phone, so I can hear it every day.

There are a myriad of reasons why I love my friend Jodi, but one aspect that I am jazzed by right now is her style.  She knows the right way to mix prints and how to pull off pointy witchie-poo shoes with flowery hair accessories.  She pulls it all together in her own enviable style.  When I am clothes shopping I pretend that I am Jodi – I channel her, imagining what would she be picking out.  Skulls! Ruffles and leopard print!  I think in my head, “What would Jodi wear?”   It works every time.

After spending time in her home this weekend, I am also just in awe at the beauty of her home and how she puts it all together.    Yes, of course her home is beautiful, because it is filled with a family and laughter – but come on, I really dig how she hangs pictures together .  This woman could have an empire dedicated to her style – I'd call it, Everyday Jodi.   Just her bathroom alone is a fantasy playground for her daughters, all pinks and Hello Kitty, flowery towels and mirrors and purple aliens.  I want that bathroom!

I came home from my weekend and I am now looking at my own home with a different eye.  How would Everyday Jodi fix up my desk and hang some cute pictures and make it a hub for creativity instead of a plank of wood with a computer and piles?  How would Everyday Jodi clean up my bedside table and transform it into a tranquil oasis of sleep?  I am going to pick a small section every week in my house and imagine how would, Everyday Jodi creatively decorate that section.   I am going to hang pictures that I have been meaning to get to.  I am going to re-purpose bowls and yard sale finds and bring my home to a more colorful and visually exciting place.   I have already placed an orange glass and metal table at my front door for my girls to dump their crap on when they come home.

Everyday Jodi!  Urban edge with hippy love crunch.

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