Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Piles and Smiles

I am amazed at the constant acceleration that takes place in everyday life.  Some moments it feels like too much too fast and I get nothing done, and I feel nearly paralyzed by how much needs to happen. 

And then I have a moment like I’ve been in for the past week and I just want to ride this wave for as long as possible.   I feel strong and flexible.   I am accomplishing goals and having fun.  But I am smart enough to know I can’t take it ALL on.  I make choices each day, and I cannot do everything. 

I am happily having a moment where my domestic piles aren’t signs of failure, but just a task that I will eventually get done.  And they will eventually build up again.  These house chores are like the tides.  In and out.  Up and down.   Constant and always changing.

Here is our dining room table – overflowing with Easter baskets, school work, hairspray and clothes.  And for some reason, it makes me giggle.  

Maybe because it is so messy it is comical.  Maybe because I am not taking the mess so personally – like if I were a better housewife/mother/woman I wouldn’t keep my home in such a state.  Maybe because I look at it and I know today I have ideas to write, acting class to teach, dinner to make and an ice cream social to attend at school.  And all of those things take precedence over that table.  It is sign of action in my house.

I don’t view my mess with despair – it is showing that I am making choices today.  And cleaning is not one of them.

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  1. It's interesting to me that you might think you're not a good enough mother because the table is a mess, when I think, "If my husband gave two shits he'd put his crap where it belongs." And so is born the Steve Drawer.