Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspiration Monday Medley

I skipped last week due to a bad case of writers block.  I just couldn’t cough up the smallest piece of writing.  It happens some weeks.  Oh well.  As one of the worst bosses I’ve ever had always said much to my annoyance, “Onwards and Upwards!”

Here are a few highlights that are keeping me smiling…

Last Friday was Colonial day in Sophie’s third grade.  Third grade has been studying life in Colonial times and her amazing teachers wanted to bring the understanding of this unit to an even deeper level.  So kids and teachers dressed in Colonial garb and were immersed in ye olde activities all day.  Parents were invited to volunteer and help out – in full costume off course.  Oh you know where I was all day Friday!  Instead of being called Missus Lazenby we used the name, “Goodwife Lazenby”  as was done in Colonial times.  So all day we stayed in character, saying things like, “Goodwife Fagan how may I help you with the children today.”  Or we would get silly and call each other hussies.  Dads volunteered too and it was amazing to see these guys, in full Colonial garb – I’m talking buckles on the shoes, hats and wigs, being a part of this celebration of learning.  We all stayed in full character, feeling proud to a part of such a successful day.  And calling each other “Goodwife” and “Goodman” never gets old.
Here is Sophie doing some cross stitch

My Christmas cactus is blooming again.  This plant was on its death bed (or death pot) a few years ago when the girls were itty bitty and the thought of taking care of yet one more living thing was too much.  My plants are grown from cuttings of my dad’s plants.  It made me sad to see them slowly dying of thirst.  But now it is blooming again – and it just massively bloomed at Christmastime! 

It just makes me happy to see these bright blooms.

This week our school does a huge fundraiser that has the same basic structure and idea as American Idol. (but without any criticism – we’re talking about kids and teachers here!)  It’s this big event at the high school and it features the graduating 5th grade class singing and dancing to pop songs plus staff members doing the same -  in full costume as well.  Total Fun.  Well, since it is like American Idol, they also need judges up there – and I was asked to be one of the judges!  Super Duper Fun!  But wait, it gets better.  I have to be in character as one of the judges so…I am going to be…J Lo!!!  Aww yeah!   I get to do my best New Yawk Jenny from the Block accent, wear tons of glitter and make people laugh and have a good time – Woo Hoo!!!

 Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got - I'm still Stephie from the block

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