Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspiration Monday - I Love New York

Every year for Spring break the girls and I pile into the car and road trip it on down to the New York City area.  I have posted about this journey in May last year.

It is an epic trip filled with friends and family, subway rides, late nights and a Mommy (that's me!)  who likes to say "Yes!"  all week long.   "Mom, can we have new flip flops?"  "Yes you can!  And how about some cupcakes too!"   I have learned that we all need a break from the daily routine.  It is fun to be the mommy who says yes on vacation.  And let me tell you and brag a moment - my girls deserved every yes I served up.  They were fun, game for anything, and great traveling companions.

I never get to see everyone that I want.  It is hard to squeeze in everything we did in just a few days.  But we always come back.  Momma needs her New York City fix.

 Here's a sample of our week of "Yes!"

Nothing satisfies like a real diner.   Katie sees the world with Pancake glasses.

"Mommy, can I pour you some more wine?"  "Why, yes you can Sophie - and don't give any to that guy at the other table!"

Katie enjoys crunchy wantons as Sophie reads People Magazine

"Would you pour me some more wine please Sophie!"

The next day, Sophie contemplates what a silly lady her mother is.

No trip to New York is complete without some real frickin' pizza

Katie sees her future - and it is filled with hair products and gorgeousness
(we all got haircuts, but Katie looked the most glamourous during hers.)

I think this one may be the album cover

Or maybe Sophie picking Tupac's nose...


  1. Love this--I haven't been back to NYC since I visited you guys on Prince St. (!) and reading this (diner! real pizza!) makes me nostalgic.....

  2. Thanks Jibba -Uganda be kidding me - you havent been there since Prince Street?! I think you and the family need a Lazenby-style road trip.