Monday, May 14, 2012

Inspiration Monday - My new love, George

This is our new cat, George.

We just adopted him from the animal shelter two weeks ago.  As we were looking at the cats, I watched Cliff stroking his little cat head, and I saw them look at each other - I saw "The Look" exchanged between them. 

You know, "The Look".  The one where you go to an animal shelter and you connect with an animal, and not in a superficial, "Oh I feel sorry for him, isn't he cute, I just want him."  No.  "The Look" is when an animal gazes into your eyes - your soul - and says, "Haven't we meet before in another life.  Take me home.  We belong together." 

The girls and I rush home from school to see him because we miss him and we eat our snacks and play with him.
We sit in the living room and watch George clean himself and we marvel at how cute and amazing he is, and ask each other, "Why is it so fascinating to watch this cat?!  Don't you just LOVE him!"

He talks and sleeps with the girls and is not afraid of water, so when he drinks he submerges his paw into his water bowl and then licks it.  We also find him curled up in the bathroom sink sometimes.

He is everything that I want in a cat.  He purrs and flops and is social and hangs out.  He is not skittish and George is not an aloof cat.  He likes to be a part of the action and he needs to be loved.  And we are all to happy to pet him and love him.

Years ago, when my cat Milo died, I was devastated.  He died just a couple of months after September 11th and a few weeks shy of moving out of New York City, so it was a very emotionally raw time.  I haven't had a cat since - I couldn't.   I have always hoped that I would find a cat that was Milo-esque.

Our George is that cat. 

I am head over heels in love with George.  I am so happy that we found George.  Or that George found us - same thing.

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