Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome Back

I apologize that Planet Lazenby has been on a brief hiatus these past two weeks.  I have missed my weekly Inspiration Monday and regular postings.  The reason being, the four of us just came back from an epic and amazing trip out to California and while away I needed to submerge myself in a different world.

Talk about inspiration – this one has got me doing jumpy claps of happiness.  From looking at my home surroundings in a new way (a la Every Day Jodi)  to the pure grounding feeling of spending time with lifelong friends  and driving with Cliff and the girls, watching the California landscape and crying happy tears.  (That drive with the happy tears took place after I did have to pull over on the Freeway to rip into the girls about how crazy and distracting they were.)
One of the top reasons that I love about going away – be it across the country or an overnight to my girlfriend’s cute apartment in Boston – is that it gives me invaluable perspective.  I am able to pull back the camera lens of life and see it all from a new angle.  It gives me new energy to keep on trucking through the daily grind of parenting, working and laundry.
So more to come, just needed to say thanks for holding on while I was away.
And yes, I was that person at the supermarket today, smiling away. 

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