Monday, December 5, 2011

Inspiration Monday - This is what keeps me laughing at the supermarket

Many years ago, I had a friend who had a boyfriend named Brett.   Brett had a unique, smokey, quality to his body odor, that we called, “The shish-ka-bob”.  One Christmas season we were hanging out, laughing about Brett’s particular aroma and all things smokey.  We started making up new lyrics for songs and this line just stuck for The Christmas Song.  I can never, ever hear it without singing it…

“Brett’s nuts roasting on an open fire…”
We never got beyond the opening line to complete the song, so I repeat this line over and over throughout most of the season
Go on – see if it doesn’t stick in your head.  Happy Holidays!

Oh, and go over and wish my partner in crime Dorothea at My Mommy Bites a Happy Birthday!


  1. Ha ha...I sing something almost the same when this song comes on. I say "Chet's nuts", instead of "Brett's Nuts". Then every single time follow it up with "Poor Chet". My family doesn't find it nearly as funny as I do but I think it's freaking hysterical! It never gets old.

  2. As long as you are laughing- that is most important!
    Chet's nuts- awesome!

  3. The love I have for your nuts, Cliff's nuts and now Brett's nuts are immeasurable! I may just crawl downstairs and eat a bag raw while I dream of nutsacks roasting on an open fire I do not have. So funny and thanks for the bday love! It was an almost perfect birthday but it needed you and Cliff. Maybe next year... Love you!

  4. My love for your phantom nut sack is as deep as the oceans.