Monday, February 6, 2012

Inspiration Monday - My Freakin' Friend Dotty in Full Frontal Mom

Here is my insanely funny, talented friend Dorothea.   This is her vlog that she is doing called Full Frontal Mom.  This is all her material.   She is brilliant.  This woman has always pushed me to my comedy best.  Her writing and delivery is enviable.  And she has the hottest bod.

  When Dotty and her son Otto came to visit this summer and we took a walk in our neighborhood after shoveling in the tastiest Brazilian rice and beans she had made for all of us.  Dotty casually wore a tight, white wife beater, black bra, high and juicy boobs, low and tight skinny jeans buckled with a strategically placed vintage Led Zeppelin belt.  Her outfit was all - kapow!  What?  Oh this thing - just threw it on for a walk.   As we walked around the hood, we came across a few Dad/Guys that I know, who were shooting the shit, sitting in beach chairs and enjoying an evening cigar in their driveway.  As we approached, we said hi, started to make a little chit-chat... and then they spotted Dotty.  These guys, got up out of their chair, all but ran over and found anything they could to talk about just so they could keep Dotty right in front of them.    They were mesmerised. 

She gave those guys some great dreams that night.

So here is my girl - love her  - pass it on.


  1. I love this. I want her to get her FB shit together so I can share it.